Why Oil Fox has the best technology in the production of biodiesel based on algae.

1. Because we make an efficient use of the resources. We generate our energy (the necessary energy for the algae culture, as made by the Stirring motors, the night light, the harvesters, the drying, etc.) between the anaerobic digestion of the human and animals waste, that bring us (between that digestion caused by methanogenic bacteria) biogas which will feed after, the Electric generators.
2. The resulting “compost” of that anaerobic digestión, will be, after, the nutrients that will be used for the microalgae culture (previous treatment with ultraviolet light to eliminate any coliform bacteria).
3. We have the obligation to maintain a park where we are obliged to plant grass, plants, trees, etc. These are watered by the rain wáter pickup in special tanks, by that way we don’t use drinking water.
4. The beach of movements of trucks has a floor which is compounded by the “scum” (waste material) of the steel industry.
5. For the biodiesel elaboration, most of the plants use water as an element of wash and purification. WE DON’T USE WATER. We use Ion exchange resins for the oil pretreatment as for the biodiesel post treatment and by that, obtained an international quality biodiesel.
6. After their use and spent absorption capacity of the resins, we spread these around all the trucks park where the “scum” is and this is subjected to heating. These resins behave like binders of those “pebbles” of “scum” thus achieving a kind of asphalt which is much more resistant than the asphalt becoming of non renewable resources.
7. The catalyst preparation for the fatty acids transestetification (the biodiesel production) is made by the disolution of the sodium hydroxide in methanol. To avoid the manipulation of these dangerous elements, we choose the Sodium Methylate use (catalyst just prepared) wich avoids the human intervention and with that, lower the risk.
8. The water that remains after the algae harvest, is chemically pure and Suitable for human consumption.
9. After the extraction of microalgae oil, these are put into a bromatological process so then, they are suitable for the human and/or animal consumption as a Food supplement thanks to the amount of protein and vitamins in it.
10. The light that is exposed to the algae for them to continue doing the Photosynthesis and achieving a bigger lipids concentration are LEDS. That way it has a good illumination and low energy consumption.
11.The greenhouses design acquired the category of photobioreactors, because these contains technological elements (patented) that assures an hiper productivity of microalgae, using mixotrophs systems of feeding the microalfae, as also equipment for the reposition of salts, generation of turbulence, yield and of low cost.
12. And we continue improving day by day in a concept of “continuous improvement”.