Oil Fox is synonym of sustainable production (biofuel and dietary supplements) using the most modern and advanced technologies, thanks to the hard work of years of experience and patented research.

We have ascertainable experience at a global level on the construction of Plants to obtain Algae (Spirulin among others) as also in the manufacturing of Biodigesters to obtain Biogas -through the organic waste, obtaining organic fertilizers of great quality as a by-product.

Oil Fox is of Argentinean Capital and has been preparing for years to be the most well known brand on sustainable products all over the world.

Also we have strategically subsidiaries in other countries (USA, CHINA, COLOMBIA, ITALY, NICARAGUA, ETC). In this subsidiaries our product “Spirulina-Fox” is manufacture and commercialized to supply the constantly demand of nutritional supplements at a global level.



The Biodiesel is a fuel produced by renewable raw materials, such as vegetable oils, that can be used on diesel engines. It’s a fuel to replace the petroleum diesel, produced by renewable natural resources such as vegetable oil, animal fat and recycle Edible oils. Examples of raw materials used to make biodiesel are: soy oil, canolly oil, cotton oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, tallow, bacon, algae and yellow fat.

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The biogas is a fuel generated in natural mediums or in specific devices, by the reactions of the organic material biodegradation, by the action of the microorganisms and other factors. This gas is well known as “swamp’s gas”, that’s because in these, the biodegradation of vegetable waste similar to the described one, occurs.
The production of Biogas by anaerobic decomposition is a useful way to treat the biodegradable waste, because it produce a fuel of great value and it also generate an effluent which can be apply as a conditioner to the soil or generic fertilizer.

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Spirulina Algae

The algae are part of our everyday life. We are in contact with the algae’s byproduct all the time without being aware. They are part of our life, food, medicines, paint and our clothing. The algae are the source of many useful products. Spirulina algae is of a blue-green color, with spiral shape, that measures till one quarter of millimeter (250 microns) and quickly proliferates in shallow ponds.

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