The Company

Empresa Oil Fox


We will carry out our mission through the following values:
1. Produce alternative energy, which replace the petroleum diesel, evaluating the sustainable development as our principal objective.
2. Maintain the highest quality in all of the aspects of our operation (Total Quality). Compliance with the Standards (IRAM, ASTM, DIM, etc.)
3. Increase the useful life of the diesel engines, thanks to the higher lubricant power of the Biodiesel in regards to the gasoil.
4. Caring the environment helping reduce the contaminant gases emission to the atmosphere.
5. To Produce Biodiesel based on algae avoiding the discussion Energy vs Food.
6. To Produce spirulina at a global level to help the improvement of the malnutrition.
7. To cultivate other algae and/or obtaining byproducts of these (cereal bars, candy, creams, cosmetics, pigments, Phycocyanin, etc.)


Oil Fox search to produce and commercialize fuels which innovates (or change) the way in which the diesel engines restock thanks to the growing worldwide energy crisis, as also the environmental caring.
Oil Fox search to produce and commercialize Spirulina-Fox, as an alternative to the nutritional supplements for the general public and as a solution to real malnutrition problems of many parts of the world.

About us

A group of professionals that are worried about the environmental problems, energy and food crisis, convinced to apply all of our technical, professional and commercial experience to the resolution of these problems, decided to make a project to develop biofuel and its byproducts, as well as a global project for the construction of plants to obtain Spirulina powder and supply the international market.